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Kyoto is the center of Japanese culture with unique traditions. One of them is the geisha profession which has been a proud symbol of Japanese heritage all over the world. We would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of traditional entertainment provided by geisha, now even more accessible than ever. Here at our venues, you can enjoy the classical dance of geisha and delightful kaiseki course while listening to a comprehensive explanation of the rich Kyoto culture and the geisha world. This high-class entertainment with 300 years of history provides a complex insight into the Japanese culture. Maiko is a young geisha apprentice wearing a flamboyant kimono and hair accessories crafted by the upscale artisans of Kyoto. Meeting a maiko might be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.


We provide the finest traditional entertainment at a few different venues. Choose freely between our casual hotel shows, serene performances at the restaurants, or special dinner events with the kaiseki course. We truly believe in a “traveler-friendly” philosophy, therefore a licensed English-speaking Kyoto city guide hosts each of our events and explains the cultural intricacies in an approachable way.


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