When do you close bookings?
Maiko show
We accept bookings until 30 minitue before the show time.

Maiko dinner
We accept bookings on our website until 4 PM of the show day(2 hours before the show starts).
Do you have a child price?

Maiko show
Chlildren younger than 6 can join for free.

Maiko dinner
Children aged 6 to 12 can join the dinner for JPY 11,000. The food is served more simply, in a Japanese mealbox (called a bento box in Japanese) provided by the same restaurant. Those younger than 6 can join for free(without a meal and a seat). If they start and keep crying, you can use another room to comfort them.
What is the refund policy?
All schedule is based on Japan time (GMT+09:00).

Maiko show
Your booking date or No-shows: 0%
Up to 24 hours before your booking date : Full refund

Maiko dinner
Your booking date or No-shows: 0%
Up to 3 day(s) prior to your booking date: 50%
Up to 7 day(s) prior to your booking date: 70%
Do you have a dress code?
We adopt “Casual.”
Can we take photos of the maiko or geisha?
Yes. Make sure your camera will not burn flash and make a big sound.
Can we join when we are late for the starting time?
You can, but are not allowed to enter the room during the dance.
Can I join the regular show when I am alone and not a pair or a group?
Yes, of course. The dinner is welcoming and relaxing. Take it easy.
Can the show be provided in a language other than English?
We are afraid not. The show and dinner will be conducted in English and Japanese.


What is included in the dinner course?
It includes a set menu of Japanese “Kaiseki” cuisine and all-you-can-drink.

The Kaiseki set menu consists of:
Sakizuke (Appetizer)
Hassun (Assorted appetizers of seafood and vegetables)
Mukozuke (Sashimi – raw seafood)
Hachizakana (Grilled fish)
Shiizakana (Main dish – Simmered/Deep fried/Steamed seasonal vegetables)
Shokuji (Rice, miso soup, and pickles)
Mizumono (Dessert)

It is a fixed set menu and we cannot provide extra servings.

Beverage menu is:
Sake (3 different brands)
Oolong tea
Orange juice
Ginger ale
What is the max capacity of a dinner?
20 guests can join together for 1 dinner. All tables are social-distanced.
Do you accept food restrictions or preferences for the dinner dishes?
We accept change requests for the menu according to your food restrictions or preferences: vegetarian, halal, no pork, and etc. Let us know them when you book.
Can we enjoy the dinner private?
Yes, we offer a private dinner service: you can choose the day and the starting time; it is exclusively yours and no other guests will join it. If interested, send us a message through the CONTACT page so that we can discuss the details such as a minimum fee that is necessary for arranging a maiko, an interpreter, and waiters.