What is the price of the regular show and what is included in the price?

The fee for the regular dinner is JPY 22,000 (revised in Jan 2020). It includes a set menu of Japanese “Kaiseki” cuisine and all-you-can-drink.
The Kaiseki set menu consists of:
Sakizuke (Appetizer)
Hassun (Assorted appetizers of seafood and vegetables)
Mukozuke (Sashimi – raw seafood)
Hachizakana (Grilled fish)
Shiizakana (Main dish – Simmered/Deep fried/Steamed seasonal vegetables)
Shokuji (Rice, miso soup, and pickles)
Mizumono (Dessert)

Beverage menu is:
Sake (3 different brands)
Oolong tea
Orange juice
Ginger ale

When do you have the shows?

You will find two services below, under “SERVICE” menu on our website.
・Mesmerizing Dinner(https://koanhanare-maiko.com/service1
・Special Private Time(https://koanhanare-maiko.com/service2
“Mesmerizing Dinner” is the regular service starting 6 PM on Sun, Tue, and Fri which you can book online. You will find availability infomation on our BOOKING page. The venue restaurant opens at 5:30 PM and the dinner show starts at 6:00 PM.

Is the regular dinner only available on Sun, Tue and Fri?

Yes. If you would like to have our service on the days when the regular dinner is not held, you can arrange a private customized service. Give us an inquiry at the CONTACT page.

What is the customized service?

Of the two services we have, “Special Private Time” is a customized service: you can choose the day and the starting time; it is exclusively yours and no other guests will join it. If interested, let us know it on CONTACT page so that we can talk about details such as a minimum fee that is necessary for arranging a maiko-san, an interpreter, and waiters.

Do you accept food restrictions or preferences for the dinner dishes?

Our dinner can be arranged according to your restrictions or preferences on request: vegetarian, halal, no pork, and etc. Let us know them when you book.

Where can we have your service?

The show venue is on the second floor of this building.
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Below is a map for taxi drivers.
Map to show taxi driver

How in advance can we book?

On our website, you can make a booking if it is within 90 days. Even further than that, let us know on the CONTACT page.

When do you close bookings?

We accept bookings on our website until 4 PM of the show day(2 hours before the show starts). Even after that, let us know on the CONTACT page.

How can we book on the website?
  1. Tap/Click the calendar-shaped Booking button at the header.
  2. At the next page, choose the number of the seats you would like to book.
  3. The website will be reloaded automatically and you will see the availability for the number of your group.
  4. Tap/Click the green box of the date you prefer.
  5. Tap/Click the “Continue Booking” button.
  6. Fill in your name, Email address and Phone number. Notes when necessary. Tap/Click the “Confirm” button.
  7. Everything with your booking you see at the next page is OK, fill in your credit card info and tap/click the “Complete Booking” button.
Do you have a children price?

Yes, it is JPY 11,000 (revised in Jan 2020). It is applied for children aged 6 to 12. The food is served more simply, in a Japanese mealbox (called a bento box in Japanese) provided by the same restaurant. First, count your children as adults when you book on our website, because “Children price” is not available. We will make a refund on the show day with cash.
Those younger than 6 can join for free(without a meal and a seat). If they start and keep crying, you can use another room to comfort them.

What is the cancellation policy?

All schedule is based on Japan time (GMT+09:00).
Your booking date or No-shows :100% of the total amount paid for the booking
Up to 3 day(s) prior to your booking date:50% of the total amount paid for the booking
Up to 7 day(s) prior to your booking date:30% of the total amount paid for the booking

Do you have a dress code?

We adopt “Casual.”

Can we take photos during the dinner?

Yes. Make sure your camera will not burn flash and make a big sound.

Can the show be provided in a language other than English?

We are afraid not. The dinner will be conducted in English and Japanese.

What is the max capacity of a dinner?

20 guests can join together for 1 dinner.

Can we join when we are late for the starting time, 6 PM?

You can, but the show schedule is fixed and you can miss some of the contents. We would advise you to come early.

Can I join the regular show when I am alone and not a pair or a group?

Yes, of course. The dinner is welcoming and relaxing. Take it easy.