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Maiko Show

You can enjoy an interactive time (Q&A included) with a maiko, a traditional dancer and entertainer. The meeting is held in English by a certified Kyoto guide, so you will get to know the maiko culture easily. No prior knowledge required! We also provide a commemorative photoshoot and a small souvenir.

Service Flow

  1. Introduction of the show

    An explanation of the today's show.

  2. Classical dance performance and introduction of the maiko profession

    The maiko performs a classical dance, shortly after her entrance into the room. She introduces herself and her profession afterwards.

  3. Traditional games with the maiko

    Playing traditional games is an essential element of the maiko entertainment. Let's try them together!

  4. Deep insight into the Kyoto culture

    A detailed explanation of the Kyoto culture and maiko's daily life.

  5. Question corner with the maiko

    The guests are able to ask the maiko some questions directly.

  6. Second dance performance

    The last but not least dance performance.

  7. Commemorative photoshoot with small souvenirs

    An individual photo session. You can take commemorative selfies with the maiko and take home a small gift from her.


There may be seats available for our most popular program,
"Maiko Dinner".
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