Dining Experience with Maiko in Summer 2019

Dining experience with real Maiko in central Kyoto

Our dining experience “Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha” just started to be provided on 4th August 2019, as a summer version of Maiko & Geisha dining. You might know “Geisha” thanks to the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha”. More and more people over the world are getting interested in the culture of Maiko (apprentices of Geiko or Geisha) of Japan. You can enjoy part of it in Kyoto, the original region of the culture. The venue of the dining experience is Koan Hanare, which is easy access in central Kyoto, called Karasuma Rokkaku area. The building is a traditional Japanese house and you will have an enjoyable time with Maiko and an authentic dinner set menu of Japanese cuisine.

The dining set menu is provided by a reputable restaurant

The set dining menu of Japanese Kaiseki cuisine is provided by “Oryori Iden,” which is a reputable restaurant with a history of over a century. The nuanced dishes are achieved with the skills of the prominent chef and the best local ingredients of the seasons.

Selected Sake (Japanese rice wine) is another recommendation

With the wonderful Japanese cuisine, different brands of sake are also available. They depend on the season and the cuisine. Pairing with food and tasting the difference is another fun of this dining.

Playing games with Maiko

Maiko is an expert of banquet entertainment, and they have a repertoire of games to play with. In this dining experience, we have picked up nonverbal ones you can enjoy instinctively without language. One of them is called “Kompira funé-funé.” You and Maiko sit on either side of a table, and take turns touching an object on it with your palm along with the song. When you touch it, you can take it. When you have take it and there is nothing on the table, the other player has to touch the table with a fist. The song speeds up as it goes until either of you make a mistake. It may sound difficult by text explanation but it is actually easy to understand! We hope you will join it.

A variety of Maiko’s performances

Maiko’s performances are even more enjoyable and moving when performed just in front of you, both visually and audibly. You can forget daily life and dive into the quick journey to a historical world of Kyoto, where to see an adorable from a fairy tale, Maiko.

The regular show is on Sun, Tue & Fri

We welcome a last minute booking and do not close the booking before 4 PM of the show day. The BOOKING page is HERE.

We also offer a private customize plan. Send us a message at CONTACT page.