New Service Released

We are going to launch a new Maiko service!

We, Koan, are going to launch a new service, Maiko Dinner show at Rokkaku street, Kyoto on 4th August 2019.

About Maiko culture

Maiko culture dates back to the 18th century, which is called the Edo period. Cafe-like service called “Mizu chaya,” started along big streets and around busy shrines and temples. Women served at those tea houses carrying food and drinks. They were called “Chakumi onna” or “Chatate onna,” meaning tea-serving women and they are said to have been the origin of Maiko. At “Mizu chaya” cafes, alcohols and meals started to be served besides tea and Dango(rice cake balls) and the women there, imitating Kabuki shows, began to entertain the guests performing dances and shamisen(the Japanese three-string guitar). This is how today’s Maiko culture has come about. As a result, it is now acknowledged as a unique and exceptional part of the traditions of Japan. The cuisine has developed dramatically as well, and the culture is now called “Kaiseki,” which has an outstanding reputation.

About Kai seki

It is said to be founded as a style of cuisine by Sen no Rikyu, who is recognized to have established Tea Ceremony culture. Wabi-Sabi’s simplicity is what Tea ceremony is all about, and Kaiseki was cuisine was also simple. A branch of it has developed simply as food culture and formed today’s Kaiseki, which is distinctive, colorful, and integrated.

About booking

You can make a booking and get a ticket to touch the treasure HERE. Any inquiries are welcome. Ask at CONTACT page. Koan