Winter Dinner Menu 2019-2020

Restaurant “Oryouri Iden” provides us with a Japanese dinner set menu of Kaiseki. They use different ingredients along with seasonal transitions. Here is introduced our winter menu, and it is something you will enjoy when you come to “Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha” in winter 2019 – 2020. 

Winter Food Menu 2019 – 2020

Seasoned Vegetables (Shirazu Ae)

Daikon(Japanese white radish), cucumber, carrot, and simmered shiitake mushroom seasoned with Shirazu(ground tofu, white sesame, and vinegar)

Vinegared Seafood Salad (Su no Mono)

Hosta, octopus, shrimp, scallop, and aoyagi-kai clam with sea urchin flavored vinegar jelly

Assorted food (Mori Awase)

Japanese Omelet, grilled minced chicken(Matsukaze yaki), roasted duck, lotus root stuffed with cod caviar, and mackerel sushi

Raw Seafood (Sashimi)

Tuna, squid, flounder, and karasumi(dried mullet roe)

Grilled Fish (Yakimono)

Yuzu flavored grilled Spanish mackerel (Sawara Yu An Yaki), Lemon flavored simmered sweet potato and turnip

Assorted Simmered Food (Ni Awase)

Buttercup Squash, fried tofu crab fritter, yuba(tofu skin), and green beans

Rice, Miso Soup and Pickled Vegetable

Beverage menu

At our dinner service, you have free-flowing drinks.

Alcohol: Beer and Sake
Soft drink: Oolong tea, Orange juice, and Ginger ale


The food might be different from what is on this webpage, depending on the market purchase of ingredients.

We can arrange our menu depending on your needs(like vegetarian-friendly and expecting mother-friendly). Let us know about it when you book.

You can book our Maiko dinner show “Mesmerizing Dinner with Maiko & Geisha” HERE!