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Maiko Dinner (Private)

We offer a 2-hour private kaiseki dinner experience in a close company of a maiko (apprentice geisha) or geiko (geisha). Please check the available time slots for each venue, with a maximum number of guests, a fee per person, and a minimum total fee listed below on this page. If you would like to book a private dinner, please send us a message via the CONTACT page to check the details and confirm the availability. The private dinner has to be arranged in advance, so we suggest to contact us no later than 3 days before the desired date.
Our service combines all aspects of the traditional Japanese entertainment and our guests can get an accurate insight into the real culture of Kyoto. The maiko and geiko are unofficial ambassadresses of everything Japanese. This course includes a classical dance performance by maiko, a coherent explanation of the culture, close interaction and conversation with her, a set menu, and all-you-can-drink (sake, beer, or soft drinks). The meals are supplied by Oryori Iden, a renowned restaurant in Kyoto with a century-long history. Our drinks are produced from carefully selected local ingredients. We believe you will love your time spent with us here in Kyoto!

Service Flow



    Arrangement. We need to arrange the private meeting with maiko in advance, therefore a money deposit is required upfront. Full payment is required at least 2 weeks before the event. We do not offer a pick-up service. Please come to the venue on the reserved date.


    Dinner - Japanese kaiseki course

    Japanese kaiseki course. You will enjoy your meal and drinks before the maiko's arrival. The price includes all-you-can-drink. The dishes are seasonal. Please check our news section for more details.


    Mesmerizing time with maiko

    Now, the maiko or geiko enters the room. Please enjoy not only a graceful dance and a detailed explanation of culture, but also an interactive time with the maiko. This part includes a self-introduction of the maiko, traditional games, and Q&A. At the end, there is a special dance performance in candlelight. Additionally, if the time allows, the maiko may also talk with you individually at your table. She doesn't speak English but you can ask her anything with the help of our certified interpreter


    A commemorative photoshoot

    Our guests can take a commemorative photo with maiko and get a collectible souvenir from her. Please be assured that you can still enjoy the rest of your dinner and drinks even after the maiko's departure.

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